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Excel can be to slow start when clicking files on desktop. Easy fix.

1. Microsoft justb lame the antivirus program. It may come up faster than they said. But here is a fix I found works. I found you don't have to remove antivirus.

2. Somebody told me to add more parameter %1 for all file type of Excel in the “OPEN” settings of Explorer file associations as follow.
- Launch “Windows Explorer”
- Click Menu Tools -> Folder Options
- Click Tab “File Types”
- Select item XLS in the list
- Click Button “Advanced”
- Select Open in the list
- Click button “Edit”
- Then add “%1” after /e in the box “Application used to perform action:”

but I found that it twice open the workbook when we double click on it.

3. I just install only one add-in, Lookup Wizard, to MS Excel. Amazing, my excel file can be open within 10 seconds when double click on it. So, I uninstall the Lookup Wizard add-in, close the Excel and re-open by double click the same file then it takes more than 1 minute for opening again. I do not know why just install an add-in can make MS Excel to fast open file as previous version.

Next experiment, I uninstall all Add-ins of Excel 2007 and install Add-in of Excel2003 (or previous version) then it take more than 1 minute to open file.

The last experiment, I create new file and save it as Add-in file of Excel2007 (Extension file is XLAM). There are not any data or VBA programing in the file. After I install the Add-in, I found that Excel can open file within 10 seconds.

HENCE, MY SOLUTION FOR THIS PROBLEM IS JUST INSTALL AN ADD-IN OF EXCEL 2007. You did not need to install all add-ins. Just install only one add-in and see the effect.

I hope that this solution will be useful and solve your problem. I will be appreciating if you can post some comment that is this solution work for you or not?

Thank you for your reading.

How to install Add-in in MS Excel

1. Click the ball office logo at the top-left of the program
2. Click button "Excel Option"

3. Select item "Add-Ins"
4. Select "Excel Add-Ins" in Manage list box and click button "Go..."

5. Tick the add-ins that you want and click button "OK"


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